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    Pocket Door Repair, Austin!

    Have you had enough with that problematic pocket door?!

    How do pocket doors work?

    Pocket doors are designed to accommodate closing off an area where a hinged door may not be ideal.

    Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, and some Living Rooms have them for this purpose.

    Pocket doors are typically installed during the framing stage of a house being built.

    The pocket frame is concealed in the actual wall making the hardware inaccessible unless you either:

    example of pocket door by austin sliding door and window repair, Austin, Tx

    our Competitors

    cut holes in the wall

    This is by far the more expensive unnecessary option.   We don't do this.

    No Cuts With US!

    call us

    We offer a much more innovative and much less intrusive solution!

    Wait... How do you fix a pocket door (without cutting huge holes in my wall)?!?!

    pocket door repair magic austin sliding door and window repair

    If you are wondering “how do we do that”? Let me tell you!


    We designed a tool that was built by a fabricator to access the hardware and remove the old track without having to cut large holes in the wall.


    Our method is cost effective and clean.


    There is no patching, painting, or drywall re-installation needed.

    tell me more!

    The hardware we install is a trolley track design with eight ball precision ball bearing rollers. This design will never jump track or de-rail and also give you an effortless smooth and quiet gliding door that will never break again.


    We can also install a new door panel for an updated look. Perhaps a frosted glass privacy door or a shaker panel design to give you a more current look?


    We also provide and install new pocket door hardware such as finger pulls and locks. Don’t hesitate.


    Call today for Pocket Door Repair in Austin Texas!

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