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    Sliding Glass Door Repair, Austin!

    If you’ve ever wondered if there are actually people that do sliding glass door repair in Austin, Texas, then look no further!


    We’ve had many people tell us that there are plenty of people who provide patio door installation in central Texas, but not many who actually will repair their doors.  (We like to think we take sliding door repair near me to the next level.)

    should I fix or replace my sliding glass doors?

    Does it seem like everywhere you go people want to sell you new stuff rather than fix what you have?


    Yes, there are many companies out there that would love to sell you a new door rather than fix your sliding glass doors and sliding patio doors.


    There are quite a few reasons for this:


    • It’s more profitable for a sales person and company to sell you a new sliding door.  Most door and window companies use home improvement sales people that will tell you a door is not repairable when it actually is.
    • Most people don’t have the patience or know-how to actually do the repair.
    • Many glass door repairs consist of finding parts that are hard to come by and not readily available because they have either been discontinued and are obsolete or there is no aftermarket solution available.

    So what do you do?

    We Have You Covered!

    Austin Sliding Door and Window Repair has you covered when it comes to these hurdles.   It's everyday business for us.


    We have a solution for every problem and can fix just about any door on the market as long as the damage is not beyond repair.


    Examples of beyond-repair would be if the frame has been bent in half, or the door is so warped it can’t be straightened. This is a rare occurrence with vinyl doors due to sun exposure and heat but it does happen.


    If you're thinking to yourself “what’s this going to cost me” we can assure you it’s going to be much less than replacing a door and a much more environmentally friendly solution.


    If you're a handy man, contractor, or a DIY’er and need a part, we've got you covered.


    We sell parts for all types of manufacturers.


    And, we repair a lot of the following brands:

    ... and many more!

    We’ve done extensive research over the years and have access to all the parts required to repair these door and windows.


    Read on for the most common repairs (and feel great knowing we have permanent solutions!)

    Roller Repairs

    Our technicians are the best in the industry when it comes to repairing sliding doors.


    Austin Sliding Door and Window Repair carries a large selection of precision bearing rollers (see parts section for precision bearing/long lasting rollers info) on our vans to fit any door.


    Our service package includes two technicians coming to your property to assess the repair, provide you with a quote, then we replace the rollers, properly align panels for proper weather seal and lock alignment, lubricate the locking mechanism and weather stripping, and do a thorough cleaning of the door tracks with a vacuum and cleaning product to break down built-up grease and grime.


    If the bottom track is damaged and repairable there are a couple of stainless steel veneer options available. Please note that often times tracks are beyond repair if the door has had a long period of deferred maintenance. Please see track repair (below) for further details and info.

    Track Repair

    If the track ball and stem - the part that the rollers ride on - has waves, dents, valleys, gouges, or divots because of worn out rollers, we can install a stainless steel veneer cap over top of the damaged ball, providing a corrected surface that ensures a proper fit to the new rollers.


    If the valleys or dents are too deep then a track replacement would be necessary.


    If you have a vinyl door which is made of PVC/Plastic, your track may be cracked or split near the ball and stem. In this case you would need a replacement, as your door is sinking into the crack every time.


    Rollers have a 1/4 round/radius/C shape that ride on the ball, and some tracks have a smaller ball than they should, causing the rollers to wear the track down faster.


    Rollers are made of Steel and Stainless Steel, which are hard metals. Aluminum, which most tracks are made of, is a soft metal. When you put a heavy sliding glass door with steel or stainless steel wheels underneath it you are putting a hard metal on a soft metal with a lot of weight! That can wear down the aluminum over time. A stainless steel veneer not only ensures smooth and quiet operation, but also prevents de-railing.



    Our track is made of 302 non magnetic stainless steel alloy.

    Our competitors and internet suppliers, on the other hand, are typically selling 201 magnetic auto bright stainless steel, which will not only rust, but eventually split in half, due to the weak wall-thickness and lack of nickel content.

    You get what you pay for in the long run.

    There’s a saying that “good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.” Sometimes trying to save a buck can cost you!

    We see a lot of ill-fitted repair attempts by handymen, DIY'ers, and contractors who are unfamiliar with door repairs.

    Realize that sliding doors are expensive to replace, and by repairing it you're essentially preserving an asset.

    Track Replacement

    Track “replacements” are ABSOLUTELY necessary when a track repair can not be provided.


    Also if your track is corroding due to an improper installation, and the limestone in the stucco is eating away at the track, it’s time for a new one folks!


    The process starts by coming out to your home to identify the proper track.


    Once we identify your track we can order it and come back to install.


    The installation process of your track replacement starts with removing the screen door, fixed and operable panels, then removing your track carefully without damaging your floor.


    Once the track is removed we install a three part weatherproofing flashing that ensures that the track will never leak, corrode, or not bond correctly to your foundation.


    We then replace the rollers. This is necessary. You want new rollers on a new track.


    TIP:  You can provide pictures to our office by email or text of the track and length if you want to expedite the process.


    If the side rails/stiles are pulling away from the glass or the rubber/vinyl that surrounds the glass, this is happening for a few different reasons...


    Most likely, it’s because the rollers on the door have failed, and essentially you're pulling on dead weight, which is causing the surrounding frame to pull away from the glass.


    (This is where you stop doing that and call us immediately!)


    It’s very dangerous and could crack your door frame, which would lead to a replacement-only option.


    Once the frame is cracked, the door is no longer repairable since the structural integrity is gone.


    The re-glazing service consists of:


    • Removing the panel from the opening
    • Disassembling the frame from the glass
    • Replacing or reattaching the rubber/vinyl glazing
    • Reinstalling the frame and door


    With this process you are now safe, and we can warranty all the work provided (whew!)

    Sliding Glass Door Cut Down

    If the header of the opening has dropped in the middle (deflection), and the doors are binding and not opening, there are a couple options:


    Option 1) Cut top of the door and smooth with a file. The interlock will also need to be cut. This can be done on all door types that have room on the top to cut without causing any issues. Please note some doors can not be cut due to the way the top of the door travels in the top track.


    Option 2) This option is what is described above. We would order new glass that is shorter in height and disassemble the frame, cut the sides down, and reassemble with new glass. This is necessary when the top of the door can NOT be cut.

    Sliding Glass Door Locks and Handles

    We offer OEM and some aftermarket security locks and handles to provide customers with a proper lock, to ensure safety and overall protection of your home.

    Glass Replacement

    There are many types and sizes of glass, and they all vary in size or shape.


    Most vinyl doors have low-e energy efficient glass.


    A lot of the older aluminum doors have single or dual glaze clear glass.


    Bronze and grey glass are not uncommon either.


    To provide a proper quote, we come to your home and see the glass in person.


    If your glass has fog, a haze, or stippling, this is because the seal has failed and it needs to be replaced.


    Unsure how to proceed? Easy! You can call or email for a ball-park quote!

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